Luxury Custom


We have been building new homes of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship for many years

Quality for many years.

With every new home, we grow our reputation for superior customer service with many satisfied homeowners. The fact is, customer satisfaction is our main goal and focus. Our approach is different, every new home is built like it’s our own.

When you choose MDI, our dedication to your satisfaction starts at the beginning of the building process. We go far beyond building homes with unmatched quality, premier craftsmanship, and unrivaled customer experience.

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Custom home building

Got a new land?

Ready to start a new page in your housing history?

Don’t hold your desire. Let your dreams come true. Build your new luxury home with us. We build with a passion for results.



Renovate literally means to make new. Remodel means structure alterations.

If you really want a totally new home you don’t need to sell, buy, or move…

Just let us help you to get your new home in your lovely location.

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Need more space in your lovely house?

We truly know how to expand your square footage. We do our best and you enjoy and have a rest:)

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