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I am imagining you are a potential client and you called the call center or visited our web.

Are you wondering how much it will cost to build a house?

There are a ton of factors that determine the cost to build.
Today, we’re going to walk you through each of those factors, and share examples cost for different homes.

The first factor is the land your building on:
That’s going to vary a LOT, but we’re going to assume you will add that cost yourself and you buy the land.

When building a house many people ask how much it cost per square foot?

But that’s a lot like estimating a car based on how much it weights

A mid-size Ford has a similar weight as a mid-size Mercedes.

But the cast of each car is going to be very different right?

The house is similar…

The size and style might be similar but the materials used craftsmanship, and everything in between can change the cost dramatically.

Let’s go through the big factors that determine the cost to build a house.


Size is the first Factor

A large house is going to cost more than a small house but the cost per square foot can be lower.

Here’s the reason…

If you’re building the large house you’re going to use more materials than a small house

That’s probably obvious.

But what’s not as obvious is that with the large house the most expensive areas such as kitchen and bathroom have their costs prep cross more square foot of the house.

That’s why the cost per square foot of large home is usually lower than the cost per square foot of the small house.


Structural elements are another big factor

For example the roof the foundation Etc…

The slope of the roof called the pitch of the roof is unique compared to the standard design of the house then the cost to build is going to be higher.

For the foundation, the cast will be lower if the foundation has four corners such a square or rectangle rather than a different shape or multiple angles.

In both of the situations, it makes sense that you would take more time and material to make the roof and the foundation in a unique way.

That’s why the cost is higher.

Certain aspects of the style of the house can increase the cast too, such as the number of windows, window styles, Etc.

Quality materials and workmanship, those can be extremely significant factors and cause the cost of building a similar house to be significantly different.

It’s important to understand that you can use materials that are not as costly as other options but are still very attractive choices.
You can get great materials that do not poor quality and still have the attractiveness and Wow Factor of much more expensive materials.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive parts of the home your building this is also where the materials cost can vary dramatically.

When you’re building a bathroom there’s a few big factors that impact cost the shower or bathtub the toilet the cabinetry, the sink, the countertops, Etc.

All of those parts of the bathroom can vary significantly in cost.

When you’re choosing bathtubs and countertops keep this in mind.

It kitchen is worth the cost can Skyrocket if you’re not careful there’s nothing wrong with the wanting a stunning kitchen with all the bells and whistles but don’t underestimate the cost.

The same size kitchen could vary by 20000 or more depending on features, such as countertops cooking range Etc.

You can and should shop around for all other materials for the house the more work you do in the shopping around for materials the lower the cost will be.

A basic 2000 square foot house with a standard roof and two car garage might cost around $95 per square foot.
This house not going to have a steeply pitched roof or a big Archway in the front entryway.

A little bigger house with 2200 square feet a three-car garage stone work around the bottom and a steeper pitch roof might cost around $105 per square foot.

Notice how a bigger garage some stonework a steep roof and 200 more square foot of space added in cost to the building estimate.

A more customized 2400 square foot design with the unique hip roof style more windows and the porch can bring the cost per square foot up to $120

A 2600 square foot house with extremely customized design lots of Windows and stonework along the entire exterior might cost 150 per square foot.

The biggest factors such as overall design and style can impact the cost significantly.
Making one or two changes in design can add 30,000 Plus in cost.

I talked about a lot of information but you’re probably still not quite sure how much the house you want to build will cost.

To start answering your question I think this presentation will provide a lot of answers.

Each project is unique, an approach is different too.

You can have a hundred different ideas about your new project.

After we know exactly what you want we can send you a cost to build the house.  We factor in everything we talked about today and more.

There is usually a small fee for the cost to build report but you can use this total amount in cost of the project if we get the project.